About Us

Phil Middleton

Owner of Falkland Collectibles

Phil arrived in the Islands in 1978, as a teacher on a three year contract, working in both Camp and Stanley Schools. The role of tour guide on the Stanley, Farm and Battlefield tours keeps him busy throughout the cruise ship season. His shop Falkland Collectibles caters for collectors and tourists and overseas clients through use of the internet. He and his American-born wife Stella enjoy the traditional lifestyle of peat stoves, baking bread and home-grown produce from their garden. Although both Phil and Stella are non-island born, both agree that there is no other place they would rather be, and will continue to make the Islands their home.

Anything and Everything from the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and British Antarctic Territory.

We have a shop in Stanley catering for experienced browsers and souvenir hunters, overseas collectors and cruise ship tourists.

Having lived in the Islands for 30 years we have a reputation for reliability in the sometimes volatile world of the auction and investment market.
As all items are dispatched from the Falkland Islands, local stamps will be used on all mail. If you want particular stamps to be used on mail, that can be added to your collection, just ask.